BTS Stars To Become Official Louis Vuitton Ambassadors

BTS Stars To Become Official Louis Vuitton Ambassadors

Luxury French brand Louis Vuitton announced that BTS will be joining them as their new global house ambassadors. Praising their global presence and calling them Pop Icons, the brand welcomed all the members of the popular band into their family, which includes Jin, Suga, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook.

The artistic director of the menswear collection at Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, said that he wishes to create a fusion of luxury and the contemporary culture that currently prevails over the country. The brand even shared a welcome photo with all the members of the band dressed up in super stylish clothes. The director also mentioned that he spoke with the band to understand their vision for fashion and ideas which will be launched in the form of new projects.

BTS also came forward to say that they’re very happy with the new collaboration and it means alot for them, calling the new project a ‘special moment’. Previously, BTS was seen dressed in Louis Vuitton at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards, which were held in March.

The BTS Fashion Influence

The influence of K-pop in fashion - Across The Culture

Lately, the k-pop band has created their very own space in contemporary pop-culture. They have become a global sensation and are being followed by fans from the tiniest corners of the world. This popularity and fan-following had already made the band a fashion icon, which will now be official with them joining Louis Vuitton.

Every member of the South Korean band has carried their own style very smoothly over the years. And each member entertains a huge fan following on social media platforms. Their fashion sense has been copied by fans all over the world, who are known as the BTS army. The band has numerous Instagram, Tweeter, Reddit accounts dedicated to their work and fashion. They had also made their name to Vanity Fair’s 2019 list of Best Dressed. BTS is constantly making new statements with their costumes and outfits. They break gender stereotypes and norms every other day, as they flawlessly carry colorful looks, accessories and make-up. Apart from being fashion icons, the band members have also become role models to whom millions of teens around the world look up to. Lately the influence of the singers have been so deeply rooted that it has managed to create the largest fanbase in the world. Dressing up as their favorite BTS member or enacting their dance routines make the fans feel more connected to their idols.

Following their collaboration with Louis Vuitton, people can expect to see them dressed in LV clothes for their future performances and general public appearances.

Along with the announcement, LV also tweeted an adorable picture of the band members dressed in colorful new LV looks.

BTS has endorsed and collaborated with quite a few popular global brands over the years, which range from fashion to food. They partnered with Hyundai in 2018, becoming their global representatives. The band has also endorsed the sportswear brand Fila. Other brands like McDonald’s, Helinox, Maplestory, Coway, and more.

As soon as the announcement was made, fans were elated to hear the news. Wasting no time, the BTS army jumped to creating memes and posts on social media. Looking at the different memes, it could be that fans were a little surprised to see BTS collaborate with Louis Vuitton right after they collaborated with McDonald’s to release a special BTS meal.

BTS’s Bang Bang Con

BTS's Bang Bang Con: 11 Best Moments from the Virtual Live Concert | Teen  Vogue
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Recently, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the most popular boy-band hosted the third session of their online concert, Bang Bang Con on 17th April. They created yet another sensation as the concert was streamed by thousands and millions of BTS army members. This was the band’s first official concert after they had to cancel their Map of the Soul tour. Nevertheless, the concert became a huge success with almost 3 million viewers. The event lasted for over 8 hours. Big Hit Music company, which manages the BTS band, issued a statement saying BTS has created a new and different online performing culture through the streaming festival. They also added that this concert was made contact-free entertainment because of the ongoing pandemic. The event was made free, which allowed fans to watch without worry.

In the eight-hour-long event, the boy band telecasted several moments from their past concerts and meet-ups with fans.

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