Parenting is and will never be an easy task. It does not matter if you are experiencing parenthood for the first time or for the nth time, every baby is different! And every time, the process of taking care of them will be different. You might get suggestions on what to do and how to do by your people who are older to you and more experienced than you. 

But, in the end, it all comes down to your instinct and your gut feeling. After all, nobody can teach you how to be a good mother or father. You learn that over the course of time with love, time, and effort. However, there might not be a strict rulebook to parenting, but there are still some crazy hacks that can make your life better. Here we are going to tell you 10 baby care hacks that are going to change your life forever! You can apply them, take a sigh of relief, and thank us later.


We understand how painful it is to inject orally even two drops of medicine to a baby who’s not ready to stay still even for a second. And we can’t blame them! You wouldn’t like anything bitter if you were a toddler yourself (we don’t like anything although we are grownups now). To solve this problem, there is a very simple solution – make a tiny hole in the pacifier or use a bottle nipple. While your baby is sucking happily on it, use a dropper and sneakily put the medicine in it. Clever, right?

Kitchen Sink

Childbirth is very painful for the mother and the aftermath is not very pleasant either. The pain and discomfort are real. The women cannot perform the simplest of tasks like bending and crouching without feeling pain. But, bathing a baby is important too, right? Here’s the hack – use a kitchen sink instead. Sanitize the sink and cover the drain outlet. The sink would be of perfect height and its space would be ideal to fit a baby for a bath.

Cradle cap

Cradle cap is a patchy, yellowy, and scaly texture that forms on a baby’s scalp. It’s not harmful, don’t worry, but it is definitely difficult to remove. Here’s the simple solution – moisture the cradle cap with coconut oil and then softly comb the head to remove the flakes. Be gentle and the hack will work efficiently!

Tummy Time

Baby needs their tummy time! It is the time when babies are lying on their tummy and relaxing their moods. This is very important for them as that is when they help their spine grow firm and form a posture. But, you know what? Bonding is very important as well. Many parents tend to leave their babies undisturbed when they’re having tummy time. While that is good, it also important that you let your babies have their tummy time on your chest and back. That creates a beautiful bonding between you and your baby.


We know how adorable babies’ clothes are. Those little PJs and tiny socks are the cutest things ever designed and we cannot shop enough for them while shopping for our babies. However, you might want to halt a little there. While those PJs, onesies, and coveralls are extremely pretty, they are not as handy as nightgowns. During the initial days, these nightgowns help you in changing baby diapers much efficiently than anything else.

Tap for Head

Bathing a baby can be a difficult process as discussed. They are not still, some do not like their softest skins to be tainted by water and some won’t just stop crying! Well, lucky for you, we have a hack. To save more and more time, cradle your baby and wash their heads first under a tap. You might not want to do this alone but it’s not impossible. And it saves a ton of time for real.

Don’t Pee On Me

Tired of changing clothes and taking a shower every time your baby pees on you? Well, you cannot stop them peeing, right? It literally takes years before toddlers learn the concept of washrooms. So, what can you do to make your life easier? You can make your baby pee before you remove their diaper by wiping under their belly button using a wet washcloth. You can also use a wet wipe. This will make your baby pee and then you can remove their diapers and save yourself the trouble!

Baby Poops

After pee comes poop. Cleaning baby poops is the least favorite task of any parent and we don’t judge them. Well, easy or hard, you got to do what you got to do. We cannot save you from this mess but, we can surely provide you with some hacks to make the experience a little less troublesome. Massage your baby’s butts with natural oils like coconut or olive oil. This will make the cleaning process ten times easier. Additional information – it might reduce the smell as well!

Painful shots

A tough part of parenting is providing your baby with medicinal shots. When babies are not well, or even for their regular medicines routine, you are supposed to be the tough parent and provide them with what’s required. You cannot help it but you surely can ease it. Before providing any shot, give them a mix of sugar and water. Mix a tablespoon of sugar in lukewarm water and feed it to your baby. This releases a chemical in their brains that reduces the painful sensations. This a medically adopted practice and many doctors do that on newborns too.

Big Homes Small Problems

Time to change the diaper? But oh look, the diaper bag is on the first floor! This is one of the most irritable situations that a parent goes through. Even making the nanny run from one floor to another is not a good idea. What you can do instead? Keep a stack of all baby accessories and necessary items on every floor. Does not even harm to stack diapers and bottles in every room as you never know when you will need it next!
Hope these hacks help you and make your parenting experience a little easier!

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