There are so many things that can bother you when you become a parent. If you have any experience at parenting, you might be a little more relaxed than your first-time experience. But, your newborn baby (first, second, or whichever number) is very different from what you expect. There will be new and unexpected situations and difficulties that might make you reconsider everything you know or have prepared for.

There are a lot of things a parent can worry about. From the smallest of things to the biggest ones, a parent can never be prepared for everything. ‘Why is the baby blinking so much?’; ‘Why is the baby not blinking enough?’; ‘Why is the baby so quiet?’; ‘Why is the baby not being quiet?’ These are just some of the questions that can bother and worry you deeply. You might even rush to a doctor if you’re not satisfied with familiar people’s advice. 

While a lot of times it can be required, a lot of times your fretting is completely unnecessary. It can trouble you and your baby both. So, it is important to know when to actually be worried about your newborn baby and when to simply let the situation pass.

Touched Baby’s Head 

Baby’s head has got some soft spots that you are advised against touching in the initial stages. And while that is the right thing to do, do not hyperventilate or increase your anxiety if you accidentally do touch it. It’s not like you so are touching the baby’s brain or causing any damage. The soft spots are called fontanels and they are protected by a very thick membrane. You are not advised to touch it because they are sensitive and very flexible. However, remember the skull has just come out from a narrow vaginal canal safely and hence can tolerate some soft touches.

Veins Visible in Fontanels 

Yes, if you look closely at the soft spots or fontanels on your baby’s head, you might find veins and arteries. It is nothing to worry about and completely normal. That is the circulatory system of your baby. The skin on the fontanels is still developing the fusing. So, the vein and arteries can be visible for a while. Don’t tamper it and be careful with it. However, if you accidentally do touch it, remember the previous point. 

Blood In Female Newborn’s Diaper

If you have been blessed with a baby girl, you might have found blood discharge in her diaper during the earliest days. Please do not worry as the blood is the sign of her changing body. Since the baby comes out of the womb, the mother’s estrogen level can have an effect on the baby’s uterus as well. This might cause your newborn baby girl to have a mini period on the initial days. It is not uncommon and not something to be worried about.

Hollow in Chest

This might disturb you from time to time but it is not a sign of concern. You might find a small hollow in the chest area of your newborn baby. It is not a sign of any heart or lung disease so, do not jump to such assumptions. The anatomy of a newborn is very different than what we generally know. The hollow is a part of the baby’s breastbone that is curved inwards during the time of birth. With age, the chest and belly muscles of the baby will straighten that part and the hallow will disappear. Even sooner, the baby fat will cover that hollow up.

Frequent Poop

A newborn baby poops a lot and that is perfectly normal. In fact, you might have to clean up your baby change their diaper soon after you have fed them. Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with your baby’s bowel system. It is because your baby has a healthy digestive system. The breast milk digests very quickly and that is why your baby poops right after he or she is fed with breast-milk. If you have using bottle-milk for your baby, then they might take a little longer to poop and that is okay too. Bottle milk takes time to get digested.

Also, the baby’s poop is of different color and kind of squishy in the initial stages. The color is because of meconium that is present in their stool and it is squishy because they are most fed liquid – both are completely normal.


If your baby hiccups a lot, do not worry as that’s normal for most of the newborn babies. They hiccup a lot. The exact reason behind this is yet to be completely discovered. But, it is believed that it is because of improper coordination between the baby’s brain and diaphragm. Remember, all the parts of the baby are growing and evolving so such things are pretty normal.


A baby can be crying for hundreds of reasons and that does not mean that they are harming themselves or you’re not doing your job right. The newborn babies are designed to cry as much as they can because that is their way of communicating. From telling you that they are hungry to express their discomfort, a baby will cry to get their message conveyed. Their nervous system is also very sensitive. So, they get very easily scared and are unable to process change. This is not something you need to worry about as it will change in some time.


You might notice pimple-like acne and rash on your newborn baby. They can start from when they’re two weeks old and stay till the age of two months. It is, yet again, completely normal. It is because of the maternal hormones in them. Just keep cleaning them gently and the rashes will slowly disappear with time.


Newborn babies can have a little swelling in the breast areas and that is because of the same maternal estrogens that cause a mini-period in your baby girl. The swelling is very much temporary and will be gone within no time.


Your baby is a cute tiny creature with cute tiny features. Your baby has a very small nose and his nasal cavity is still evolving. So, even a little mucus can cause your baby to sneeze a lot. Also, the baby has just got out from the comfort of a womb that was quite watery for them. To adjust to the new environment can cause a little discomfort. Hence, unless they are sneezing with yellow mucus (a sign of cold), you need not worry.

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