A newborn baby is marked ‘handle with extreme care’ all over even if one cannot see it. They need your utmost gentleness, care, and attention and you can be nothing but delicate with them. A newborn baby brings a lot of responsibility for the parents. From taking every measure of care to providing them with the best, there is no stone that a parent won’t turn to keep their newborn happy. 

But, sometimes the tasks become extremely difficult. There is too much stress on your shoulders to be your best version and sometimes it can take a toll on you. Moreover, there are plenty of rules about things that you should and shouldn’t do with a newborn. Summing it all up can sometimes be difficult.

However, if you have a newborn to take care of, there are a lot of things that you need to know about the newborn babies first. You might have heard several tips and must have gone through a dozen websites, but your firsthand experience with your child is always different. And, believe it or not, nobody can prepare you for the same. But, it is always a great idea to know what to expect with a newborn baby!

So, here are 10 things that you need to know about a newborn baby.

Babies Look Funny

No one really tells you this but newborn babies do not look how they appear on televisions and the internet. Those chubby cheeks and big doey eyes are all reserved for the later stages. Initially, the newborns look… kind of funny! They are red, full wrinkles, and have hair all over. If you had a vaginal delivery, then the baby’s head will look a little squashed. Their eyes will be almost shut most of the time. 

But, don’t worry! They might not look how you expected them to be initially, but they will soon get back in their normal form. Do not forget that they have just come out a womb and will take some time in adjusting in a spacious environment.

First Poop Are Different

A lot of parents prepare themselves for their first diaper experience but, the actual experience is very different. Their stool is nothing like what you would have expected. It consists of a green-black substance called meconium that forms in their intestines while they’re in the womb. You can clean it with a wet wipe or cotton swab. For your convenience, after cleaning them up, apply a bit of oil on your baby’s bottoms. It will help you clean them better the next time.

More Hungry Than Anyone You Know

That little creature might just a weigh a few pounds but do not be fooled, they are hungry more than anyone you know. They need to be properly fed every few hours. They need nutrition as the system absorbs all that you provide them quite quickly. If you plan on breastfeeding your child, do not wait for the right moment and start right away. Also, refrain from giving the cereal or any solid food for a good amount of time. Feeding newborns with anything solid is a very dangerous idea.

Noisy and Sleepless

This is probably one of the most common and dreaded points that every parent knows and every to-be-parent is prepared for. The newborn babies do not sleep throughout the night. They will wake up, cry, wake you up, and make you do all the chores that will leave tired and sleepless. It is a very normal thing and as a parent, you should be well versed and prepared for it. 

The newborn babies sleep a lot and wake up every few hours. They are not attuned to the concept of day and night for a very long time and they take some time to get into the routine. Also, their nasal passage is still developing. So, it is common for newborn babies to make weird noises like grunting, snorting, and groaning most of the time.

No Need To Bathe Everyday

Your newborn baby is not a grown-up! They do not need to take a bath every day as they do not do much and their skin is very delicate. However, you really need to keep them clean. Use cotton swabs that are soaked in warm water and clean their face, bums, and folds of skin. Also, remember to change the swab before cleaning different parts.

No Fragrance Please!

There are a lot of certified baby products that you might opt to use on your newborn babies. Body oil being one of them. However, make sure that you are not using any product that has fragrance in it. Babies’ senses are developed in the initial stages and don’t want to suffocate them with anything unnecessary. Their sense of smell is still developing and to expose them to anything strong is absolute a no-go-area.

You might also want to refrain from perfumes and deodorants yourself. While doing that, also avoid nail enamels and extensions as their peeled off chunks and sharpness can bother your baby.

Bonding Takes Time

This is a very sensitive topic that you might not feel very comfortable in discussing with someone. You might not feel that instant connection and the sudden rush of warm love immediately after seeing your baby. And, that is completely normal. Even if it is something not talked about or shown on television, believe us, it’s normal. Every mother and father take their own time in connecting with the babies. For some, the bond is created immediately while for some, it takes some time.

We suggest that you do not rush into it or feel any sort of pressure. The love that you develop for your baby is the most natural thing in the world and it will happen gradually and effortlessly. And, it will happen for sure. However, if you feel any negative emotion towards your child, consult a doctor. It might be a sign of post-pregnancy depression.

Spend Time On Tummy

Babies need to spend time on their tummies to have strong skeletal growth. This process helps them shape their back and strengthen their muscles. You can make them lie on yourself while they’re flat on their stomach. This will help you bond with your child better.

They Can’t See Much

Like said earlier, newborn babies’ senses are not much developed in the initial stages. The newborn babies cannot see anything beyond 20-30cm. That is also the reason why they recognize their mothers so quickly as their faces are just a few centimeters apart while feeding. 

Can Recognize You

Babies might not have very strong senses but they sure can recognize you with your smell. Babies spend nine months inside the womb and when they come out, they can easily recognize their mothers’ smells. That is one of the other reasons to assured of the bonding that you will certainly develop with your child.

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