Every parent hopes for the best for their kids. While dreaming for their best and their success, parents often also hope for fame, fortune, and stardom. Believe it or not, the names of your baby also play a role in deciding their success. According to some research, experts have come up with first names who are regular and most common nominees for awards. Not just that, these names are also the presenter of many blockbusters and mega-hit box office records.

So, if you are hoping that one day your child will take your name while receiving their Oscars, make sure that you have got the name right.
The most famous boys names are –


Topping the list is Daniel. You might want to recall that our current James Bond is a Daniel (last name Craig), who’s insanely admired by everyone. Not to forget, every child’s hero, Harry Potter is a Daniel too and his last name is Radcliffe. Another famous example is Daniel Day-Lewis.


Adam Sandler is one of the most popular names when it comes to romcom and for all the good reason. Adam Driver is another famous name that you can’t ignore.


Our Wolverine’s real name is Hugh Jackman and despite all the difficulties, Jackman made it huge! Hugh Grant and Hugh Laurie are another famous names that you can never forget.


Who is the king of pop and the biggest pop-star of all times? Michael Jackson and who else! We also have Michael Keaton, Michael Gambon, and Michael J. Fox in the list.


Even the team of Avengers has three Chris! Chris Hemsworth is our very Thor, Chris Evans is Captain America and Chris Pratt is Ant-Man. Also, Chris Rock and Chris Prine.


Arguably, the most common and popular name is Tom. Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Tom Hiddleton, Tom Holland, and there are many more Toms in the industry that have won our heart over the years.


Imagine your son Ryan with the good looks of Ryan Gosling and wits of Ryan Reynolds. Now, that’s something no one can say no to.


James is another common and popular name just like Tom. James McAvoy, James Dean, James Stewart, James Franco, and James Earl Jones are some of the many James who have made it really big!


Imagine your baby boy Ben saying later in his life, ‘I’m Batman’! Because Ben Affleck surely did. Also, Ben Kingsley and Ben Stiller are unforgettable names too.


Mark Ruffalo is not just an amazing actor but an amazing human! So is Mark Hamill. And so could be your Mark too!
Famous Baby Names For Girls


A beautiful name that becomes even more beautiful with the last name Hepburn. Also, Katherine Heigl and Catherine Deneuve.


There are so many Ellens and all of them are extremely witty, intelligent and famous. Take for example, Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen Pompeo, and even Ellen Page.


Thelma is not a very popular name in today’s time but it was when it was adorned by Thelma Ritter (Thelma & Louise).


If Thelma is not so common in today’s time then Emma is the one that’s extremely common. Also, it’s arguable one of the most famous ones too. Think: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, and more.


Jodie Comer from Killing Even simply proved how effective her name is! Also, don’t forget Jodie Foster and Jade Whittaker.


Amy is not a name that is going to leave our minds very soon. Courtesy Amy Adams, Amy Poelher, and Amy Schumer.


Jade Sharif, Jade Marner and Jade Thirlwall are some names that will remind you why Jade is an awesome name.


Whether it is Natalie Portman or Natalie Dormer or Natalie Wood, ‘Natalie’ will remind you just how talented this name is.


Emily is a beautiful name and popularized by the likes of Emily Blunt and Emily Watson.


Elizabeth is one of the strongest names in the history and one that never gets old. Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Banks and Elizabeth Moss are some examples of the same.

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