A newborn baby brings with themselves a lot of expectations and responsibilities. And, whether you want it or not, you have to master all of those responsibilities. You have to provide that new life that has just entered the world with nothing but the best. You have to shower them with immense love, care, affection, and attention. You have to take care of their each and every need and be the best parent that they could have imagined.
While all of this sounds extremely difficult, but believe us, it is not. Being a loving parent comes naturally to all the parents in the world. You might have to change and adjust your ways while your kids grow up, but you always know what’s best for them. 

A lot of parents are absolutely terrified of becoming a parent for the first time. They are all over the place with the guidance and tips that they receive. But, a few months into the process, and they figure out everything. And the most important thing that they learn is that they will continue to learn as their baby continues to grow.

While the starting few days might be the hardest and you might not be in your best form but, you learn quite quickly. Here are some major things that you will learn and master in the initial months of parenting.

Trimming Nails

After plenty of scratches all over your face and body, you will quickly learn that newborns are gifted with nails as sharp as knives. Also, those little ones are fierce and moody. They cry and feel irritated very often so intentionally or not, they use a lot of their claws to seek proper attention. So, the best thing to do is, trim their nails. 

You might want to trim the nails when the babies have just taken a bath as it makes the nails softer. Or if your baby refuses to stay still like most of the other babies in the world, it is better to do it while they are fast asleep. Also, trimming nails might not be one person’s job. Seek the help of your partner or your close ones.

Wrap It Up Like A Pro

Every parent practices swaddling the baby a million times before they are born. You practice it on a doll and even on a ball. But, nothing matches the real experience. While you might have trouble swaddling the never-relaxing baby initially, things get better with time. And with better, we mean that you become a pro.

The quickest trick is to place the blanket in a diamond shape and place the baby vertically on the diagonal line. Place the corner near the legs up to the baby’s torso and then by holding the baby still, take the left end all the way till the right end. Leave some room for the baby’s hands and legs.

Get Used To The Umbilical Cord

At first, you might find it a little difficult in handling the umbilical cord but it soon becomes nonexistent. Even before they fall off, you are going to get used to it. It might bother you at first but don’t get impatient with it. And, never try to forcefully remove it as it can harm and hurt your child. Also, if the diaper does not have space to accommodate the cord (that they generally do), just fold them a few inches.

Cars Seats & Babies

It is always the best idea to think about this in advance. Even before the baby comes in, make your car seat baby-friendly. The seat has to be rear-facing and you cannot compromise with that. So, before the delivery date, just give a call to Child Passenger Safety technician. They will explain to you how to install the seat and how to be the right amount of care.

Also, remember that the internet is full of self-proclaimed experts. Do not fall into such a trap! Unless the person is a certified expert, do not listen to their tips and tricks. Use the authentic method as that is what’s best for your child’s safety.

Poop-Cleaning Tip 

Yes, we know you have already prepared yourself a hundred times about cleaning poop off your baby. You must have even practiced changing diapers like a pro. And, we don’t doubt you. But, trust us when we say, the start is always tough. And this is what you learn in the first month of parenting. A newborn’s baby poop is extremely different. 

It contains meconium and hence they might look green and black in color. While you are at cleaning your baby’s poop like an expert, remember to apply some jelly on their bums. It will make your job of cleaning their stool much easier the next time!

For removing the diaper, use the baby’s ankles to lift up their bums. It is a good trick to wipe their naval with a wet washcloth before changing the diaper. This will help them pee faster. Also, while cleaning, make sure you’re wiping the genitals properly as some remains are left in the skin-folds.

Lifting Your Baby From Tub

Slippery Alert! Your babies are extremely delicate and should be handled with care. You will become aware of it not just in the first month but on the first day itself! You should be more than a hundred percent careful while giving your baby a bath. Their skin is very delicate and they are super slippery. The water does not make anything easier either. Just place your hands underneath their armpits while lifting them and support their head with your fingers. 

As a tip, if you only have to wash your baby’s head, use the kitchen sink instead! Sterilize it before use and cover the drain area. Fill it with warm water and wash your baby’s head while standing. Helps you and your baby both!

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is one of the main things that really irritate a baby. When their urine and stool mix, it creates ammonia acid that causes rashes. You have to be frequent and alert about changing your baby’s diapers. You do not want to be late and you don’t want to trouble your child with unnecessary checks either.

Diaper Bag

Your baby can require diaper change anywhere and anytime. It is for the best that you keep spare diapers handy in the diaper bag. However, know the count – while 4-5 diapers are normal, 15-20 are concerning. You don’t want to go overboard and make the bad unnecessarily heavy, right? While you are at it, don’t forget to keep extra clothes for the baby and some snacks for you. During the first month, you will learn that they both are extremely important.

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