A lot of parents are concerned about the fact that they might pass on their fears to their kids as well. Their anxiety and phobias of certain elements can become even scarier when they think that it might get inherited by their child. If you are scared of needles, you might wonder if your child has the same fear. Whether your kid will pick up your fears or not is not guaranteed. However, you can always strategize the ways in which you do not pass your phobias to your kids. These methods are simple yet effective.

Involve Other Adults

You can seek the help of other adults in your life to show your child that your fear is not universal. For example, if you have fear of dogs or other pet animals, you can assure that your child does not have the same problem. You can ask other adults in your life to make your child pat and play with pets outside. This way, your child will be exposed to pets and you will not have to worry either.

Be Careful With Words

A lot of parents like to remind their children of dangers. It is good in most ways but sometimes can also instill unnecessary fear if warnings are used repeatedly. You can avoid it by choosing your words carefully. For example, instead of pointing out that the log is weak and will break, phrase it along the lines of checking how strong the log is.

Makeup Stories

Kids have very visual and impressionable minds. You can make up bedtime stories that talk about those fears and overcoming them. Also, add some other important life lessons. For example, if you fear dark, make a story where you looked at stars and made constellations or used a torch and made shadow games.

Treat Kids Like Kids

Don’t snatch away your child’s innocence and childhood with your adult problems. They are kids and do not give them more burden than they can handle. For example, if you have worries about losing your house or getting divorced, try to find a simpler way to tell about it to your kids. Instead of talking about the money problems or spousal issues, simply explain to them that they need to move someplace better.

Verbalize Your Strategies

Sometimes the best way is by communicating honestly. Let your child know that you fear something but still, you have ways to overcome it. For example, if you’re scared of public speaking, tell your kid that you’ll practice your speech in front of them. That way, your child does not just learn a practical approach to life but also understand that fears are extremely common.

Communicate Better

It is important to let your child know that every emotion is important. Caging emotions and not venting them out at the right time does heavy damage and it starts from an early age. Help your child to identify and accept their emotions like anger, fear, and sadness and listen to what they have to say about it.

Limit Media Exposure

We all know how much negativity there is in the world right now. Every day, there’s some disaster or crime coming up. Try and limit your child’s exposure to such negative news as they can instill a lot of unnecessary fear in them.

Seek Help

Sometimes, the phobias can really hamper your life and those are the times when you need interventions. Seek medical help who tackle such phobias with methods and medication that will help you get better.

Understand Your Anxiety

Anxiety is not a pleasant experience and controlling anxiety is easier said than done. But, you can always work on it. Figure out what triggers your mind and creates fear in your head. Abstain from such situations or prepare yourself when you know you have no option but to deal with it. Write down methods that will help you control your anxiety better.

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