If there’s one thing that people can do wonderfully, it is that they can give advice anytime, anywhere, and on everything. Everybody has some or the other tip to provide on parenting. ‘This would be perfect for the baby’ or ‘this is a terrible idea for the baby’ and in the middle of all this, you’re stuck wondering what to do. After all, you want to be the best parent in the world and not leave a single stone unturned in providing what’s best for your kid.

In that order, you try each and everything recommended to you. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, it turns out to be a complete disaster. But, before you say that you don’t have any other option, let us tell you that it’s not true! You can find out about all the popular baby care myths and make your life a lot easier by not following any of it! Here are some of the most popular baby care myths that you need to stop believing right now!

Oil Massages Are Overrated 

People like to advance with time and change their ways of living. The same goes for parenting as well. People want their kids to be independent from a very early age and we get it. Parents have the right to decide what’s best for them and their kids. But, in that order, a lot of people tend to believe that oil massages are really old school and completely overrated. 

Well, we hate (read: love) to break it to you, that they are not. Oil massages are actually quite important for the kids’ growth. Oil massages improve blood circulation in the body, make the baby more flexible, and even helps in strengthening the bones. So, oil your baby ‘at least’ thrice a week. Pro tip – it even helps the baby sleep faster and more peacefully.

Teething Causes Fever

Babies start to develop teeth from the age of six months. It might be a painful process for some but not necessarily. Some kids, at that young age, have a weaker immune system. So, they might catch a fever every now and then. So, if your baby has a temperature while they are in the process of teething, don’t conclude the latter to be the reason for it. Teething and fever are not necessarily related. There might be a ‘slight’ increase in the temperature but it does not mean they have a fever. However, if your baby does have a fever, then do not ignore it by calling it a teething symptom. They might need professional help.

Holding A Baby For Long Is Unhealthy

As a parent, it has to be your decision to decide when your baby is old enough to not be cradled. But, during the earlier stages, if you are not holding your baby or cradling them because you think it might spoil them, then you’re wrong. Babies need skin-to-skin contact more than anyone else. It is the time when you can bond with your baby the most. Hold them in your arms, cradle them, sing them lullabies, and shower all the love you have. This is a precious time that you will not be getting back again. So, don’t hold back but remember, you don’t have to hold them all the time! Your baby and of course you, need alone time too.

Breastfeeding Mothers Avoid Spicy Food

There are a lot of Do’s and Don’t’s for breastfeeding mothers. While many of them are true, many of them are simply illogical. One of such famous myths says that breastfeeding women should avoid spicy food and only eat bland food. To put it in the most straight and simple words, that’s not true. You might want to refrain yourself from foods that can cause allergies to you or your babies like shellfish, nuts, soy, peanuts, etc. 

You also have to restrain yourself from consuming alcohol and unprescribed antibiotics as they can directly harm the quality of your breast milk. But to be fair, that is all of it. There is no such rule that breastfeeding moms cannot eat spicy food and only eat bland food. A breastfeeding mom, apart from allergy-prone foods, can eat anything they want.

Immediate Contact With Baby Is Better

This is a little complicated topic that needs better understanding. Of course, physical contact of the mother with their babies is important, for the mother and the child both. There is an unexplained bonding between the two. As the mother carries the child for 9 months, after childbirth it is crucial for both of them to feel secure and at home. It helps them accept the change faster. It is mainly possible with the physical contact of the baby and the mother. That is the first time the baby feels truly warm and bonded with their mothers.

However, in a lot of cases, it is not advisable for the baby to have physical contact with their mother immediately after birth. These cases are generally during premature delivery and C-sections. But here’s the thing – this is not something that you need to worry about. The point that mothers, who get into contact with their babies after some time of the delivery, do not develop a better bonding is a myth. It is completely okay to wait for some hours or even days to get in touch with your baby. Just relax, you are the mother and you will bond with your child no matter what.

Bottle-Milk is Better

The most common debate that encircles the baby care is about breastfeeding. In recent times, many have come up with the argument that breastmilk is not healthier than formula milk. It’s a myth. A baby should be provided with breastmilk for at least six months after the birth of the child. You may decide whether or not to continue with it after six months, but for the first six months, there’s absolutely no debate about it

However, if due to any reason, you are unable to provide your child with mother’s milk, then you’ll be given the option of formula milk. Formula milk is healthy as well but not as much as mother’s milk. Breastmilk contains antibodies that are required by the children to develop a strong immunity since birth.

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