Kids and books can either be best friends or biggest archenemies. However, for parents to inculcate the habit of reading in the kids is as important as it is tough. Reading is not a virtue that helps in education but also career and self-growth. A well-read person has can have great communication skills that are required in business meetings, emails, and messages. A reader always has a lot of insight to present with when in a group of people. And, their creative mind is broadening from a very young age as well. 

Children who read from an early age have proven to be good at vocabulary, sentence structure, deciphering philosophical meanings, and even spellings. You can remove the reluctance and inculcate the habit of reading in your kids by simple and effective methods.

Oral Language

When you are reading to your child, ask them to pay attention closely. Once you are done, ask them to narrate their favorite portion from the story. Or ask them the moral of the story and what they learned from it. You can also let your child read the story to you. That way, you help improve the oral skills of your child.

Read Many Stories Every Day

Do not treat reading as a hobby or pass time activity but as a routine. Make it a habit of reading several short stories every day when your child is young. You can have a reading session with your kids as the grownups do. Only, choose books that suit their age. You can end the session by discussing the story and doing some read aloud. 

Surround Reading Materials

Let your child know that reading is easily accessible to them. Keep plenty of books and magazines in your house. These books and magazines should be easily assessable to your child so that they can read them anywhere and anytime.

Reading Activities

Reading is not just limited to books. Make your child read anything available. Whether it is a food menu or game guidelines, let your child develop a habit of reading everything.

Use Technology

The use of technology in reading has a lot of positive impacts. The e-readers and kindle are always a source of joy and curiosity and can pique the interest of your child in reading new things. Using such technologies while reading will also enhance the self-confidence and self-esteem of your child significantly.


Your child may not be as interested in reading through hardcopies as they would be in soft copies. E-reader likes tablets and kindles have undoubtedly many advantages. The lighting can be adjusted as per your convenience. Even the fonts are customizable – you can increase and decrease the size as well as change the font style. E-readers also have comparatively less number of lines that make reading easier for kids, especially beginners. 

Let Them Decide

Just because you like to read biopic, it does not mean that your child will enjoy that genre too. You might be interested in a thriller but your child may love science fiction. It is important that you never impose your likes and dislikes on your child. Let them explore all genres of books and decide what they want to stick to. Remember to always remind them that fiction and reality are separate elements as kids reading horrors can be impacted negatively too!

Age-Appropriate Books

As discussed in the last topic, let them choose their books and genre but remember giving them a reality check from time to time. That can be easily done when you keep a check on age-appropriate books. A lot of romance is not meant for kids and neither are stories that have an implicit description of violence. Make sure that you know what your child is reading and how appropriate it is.

Show Interest

Don’t you love it when you have someone to discuss your novels with when you’re done reading? The same applies to kids as well. Children would love it if they receive your interest in their readings. Ask them what they thought about the book and give them your feedback. You can also advise on what they can read next depending upon their interests!

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