This pandemic has brought several major changes in our lives. While we are adjusting to it, our kids are adjusting to it as well. One of the major changes in the lives of kids and parents would come in the form of their schooling. Earlier, the first day of school meant anxious kids carrying their backpacks and waiting for their friends to begin a new semester. However, the pandemic is making things different. Now, as most of the schools are about to reopen, they have announced that they’d be introductory classes virtually. 

This can be a lot for your kids to take in so it is important that you keep their morals high. You can celebrate their first day in the following ways!

Begin The Countdown 

Start the countdown for the remaining days left on the first day of school from almost 2 weeks before. This will help your child in wrapping their heads around the new change about to come. They will mentally prepare themselves to come out of the holiday mode and get in the zone with the new reality.

Back-To-School Space

Create a space in the house especially for your kid’s virtual classes and first day. That way, when after hours the class ends, they can finally leave from there and feel like the day well spent. In their head, they will remain in the ‘school-space’ for as long as they’re in their corner. Use a spare room for the same if you can.

Back-to-School Book

This is the time when you need to educate yourself and your kids with things that they are passionate about. Instead of only sticking to academic books, read more encouraging books that will tell you how to be successful in practical life.

Back-To-School Fairy Visit

The first day of school means all things new. New dresses, new books, bags, stationeries, and whatnot. While this year, the first day might be virtual but it does not have to be gloomy. Order new stationery materials for your child to keep them excited. A new outfit is your choice but who doesn’t love new notebooks and pens!

Back-To –School Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and even more important when your child is starting their first day. Make it special because then your child will feel special. Whether it is different shaped pancakes or his/her favorite cookie, give them what they love.

Journal Tradition

Inculcating the habit of writing and maintaining a journal is always appreciated. Encourage your child to keep a journal and write down what they liked about their virtual class and day. They can be creative by using illustrations. This way, they can remember their day that was so different from all the years even after years!

Take Photos

You can keep a journal for yourself in the form of photographs. Click them on their first day, take snaps with their projects, or even when they complete a difficult chapter. Keep a photographic journal of their achievements and failures (so you can tell them how important and silly it was years later). 

Leave Them Note

Imagine someone leaving you sweet notes on your work desk before you start working. It is simply going to bring a smile on your face and make you feel motivated. Make your child happy the same way! Leave encouraging notes in their books and post-its on their laptops. This will surely hype up their moods.

Celebrate with Treats

Your child might have mixed feelings after completing day 1. It’s totally different than what they’re used to and must miss their friends. Celebrate their day by giving them a treat. Either cook their favorite supper or order in something (safely). You can convert the night after their home-work into an early movie night as well! You can schedule a zoom playdate for them with their friends!

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