The pandemic has affected everyone but it has most severely affected children mentally and socially. Children all around the world faced a drastic change in their lifestyle when the need for shutdown and quarantine hit us all hard. They were expected to stay indoors that hampered their mental health (they aren’t as mature as adults) and even studies. Universities and schools all over had to close down because it is against the pandemic recovery protocols.

Well, we do not know when this pandemic will get over (does not look like any time soon) but the studies must go on. After all, children’s education and future cannot be taken lightly. To keep things running smoothly, here are the ways you can set up virtual and homeschooling space for your kids.

Line Them Up

Use a free wall and add some shelves. Allot each shelf to your specific child so that they have a designated spot every day. It will create a routine and they’ll know what belongs to them and whatnot. There will be less confusion and a more timely approach to their day.

Set Up Shop

It is important that your child has a say too in their study environment. Instead of using their rooms as their homeschool space, use an entirely different area. Ask them what they’d prefer – if it’s the dining room where most of the action is or the office that gives the ambiance of seriousness. If you do not have a separate room, set a desk in the corner of the living room available.

Sort It Out

Always remember to clean up space once your kids are done. Inculcate a habit in them to clean up after they’re done studying or creating something. Instruct them to put their papers in a specific shelf and craft materials in the other, and so on. A cluttered desk or study space means less focus for your child.

Size Accordingly

When you’re homeschooling your child, it can be extremely easy for your kids to get carried away and seek comfort. Make sure you have the right setup for them. Instead of letting them sprawl all over the bed, give them proper chairs and desks to sit upon. This will not just keep their postures correct, it’ll also ensure good focus and handwriting.

Transform A Corner

The corner you choose for your child should look like an area where they can study and be creative. You don’t need to go overboard with anything. Simply make sure there are enough light and comfort. Also, let your child’s study materials be easily accessible in that corner as well.

Block Distractions

Homeschooling means a lot of discipline and that applies more to the parents than kids. Make sure you are not disturbing your child to run your errands or with unnecessary noise and talks. If they have a sibling and they are a distraction to each other, separate them and allot different corners to them.

Opt For A Minimal Footprint

If you are up for buying new items to ensure a perfect homeschooling environment, we suggest you use space-saving furniture. There is plenty of multipurpose furniture like foldable desks and shelves that can come in a lot handy for you.

Max What You’ve Got

If you are not someone who’s comfortable with buying new furniture or revamping the space, then max whatever that you have got. The portable table that you use in the kitchen or shelf that you use in the living hall can be used for your child’s study table. If nothing, choose a corner on the floor that has back support and set it up as your kid’s study corner.

Consider Multiple Work Zones

Just like every school has different classes for different subjects, you too can have different areas. Set up a corner for creative activities and a different corner for science studies. For a simple reading time, choose a spot that’s quiet and bright.

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