Whosoever said that homeschooling was easy, they must not have met kids of today’s generation. The kids in today’s time get easily interested in something exciting and lose interest equally fast. In such times, to keep up with your child’s need to learn and interest is quite tough but not impossible. One can need to learn about their psychology and act accordingly. 

Children tend to feel ‘bored or lectured’ when they are being taught something. They rely more on the internet these days than on their parent’s teachings. To rectify the situation, you need to modify your ways. Here are some interesting ways in which you can teach your child their favorite subject at school.

Chemical Reaction

Children love to explode things or when things explode! Perform experiments with them like dropping a pack of mentos to carbonated drinks like soda. Do it in open spaces where the explosion does not cause any damage. Once the excitement subsides, either teach your kids what reaction took place or ask them to do the research themselves!

Get A Pet

We are not talking about pets like dogs and cats as they are very common. And, we are not even suggesting you get lab rats for weird experiments. But, you can always bring in certain insects like caterpillars to observe their life-span. The moment when they hatch into butterflies can be a monumental moment for your child.

Interest In Space

If your child is interested in space, you literally have a ‘Universe’ full of options to go creative with. Craft a solar system with really interesting facts like size and colors or use clay to make models of them. Reuse and recycle existing materials available at home to create projects and you can even order magnifying lenses to create minor telescopes!

Watch & Then Read

A lot of really young kids will not directly jump into reading books like Harry Potter and that of Jane Austen. But, if you make them watch the movies first, it will certainly pique their interest. This applies to everything. Make them watch some interesting documentary or biopic and then they can indulge more by reading about it.

Bedtime Stories

Do not just stick to the teacher and school prescribed bedtime stories. Do not limit the imagination of your child and let their creativity shine. Give them the books they’re interested in. Check if they want to read about underwater species or space. Or if they simply want to indulge in fiction. Your aim should be to make them love learning.

Read In Short Spurts

Nobody wants to keep hearing things that can go on for ages. This is the reason why classes at school are for a specific time limit only. Children’s attention span is even less when they’re age’s numbers! Make sure whatever you want to read to them or teach them can be summarized in short. If they’re interested, they’ll keep asking the details later on.

Count Loose Change

Keep different jars and mark them with different amounts (ex. 50 cents or 27 cents). Then, hand your kid with a jar full of loose change. Now, you ask them to count the change and put the exact number to complete the amount in the respectively assigned jars. You can create a competition out of it between two or more siblings to make things exciting.

Stock Market

The stock market, unlike much popular belief, is not just for adults! Thre are plenty of apps in the market related to the stock market that can easily explain how things are done to kids. Give them a small amount of money to spend and teach them the basics. Practical education will surely help them a lot in life!

Online Quizzes

If your child is obsessed with phones and you don’t like that very much, it’s time to change the scenario. Instead of thinking ways to restrict them, think of ways to utilize their obsession. Download games and apps related to quizzes and puzzles. These quizzes will help increase general awareness of your kid and the puzzles will enhance their mental ability. 

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