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Ariel Pink’s family is receiving death threats after he joins pro-Trump rally

The indie-rock music artist was dropped by his music label recently after he attended a pro-Trump
rally in Washington.
On Thursday, the artist appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News to condemn ‘cancel
Carlson made a statement saying, Pink is a recording artist who can’t record. The singer-songwriter
added to it saying, he can’t even tour at this point, and it has left him destitute and on the street.
“I’m sort of overwhelmed right now and I don’t know exactly what to do.”

Carlson implied that receiving support from a conservative host may even worsen his already
battered situation, to which Ariel responded that he does not have any other resources, and he can’t
even afford a lawyer at this point.
Responding to the backlash, he added that, according to him he hasn’t done anything wrong. He was
just there for a peaceful rally and does not advocate violence at all. He also shared that his family
has been receiving death threats and it is all just too overwhelming.

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