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Cardi B landed her “first” acting gig in upcoming movie Assisted Living

Cardi B is all set to make her big screen debut.
According to Variety, the rapper is all set for her starring-role debut in the upcoming movie Assisted
Living. The movie is described as a “raucous comedy” by the Paramount Pictures.

Cardi is set to play a small-time crook who finds herself into a heist gone wrong. While being on the
run and struggling to find a suitable place to hide, she disguises herself as an elderly woman and
decides to hide at a place where no one will ever look for her: a nursing home, the same one where
her estranged grandmother resides.

Assisted Living will be the rapper’s first time in a starring role, but is not her first time acting in a
motion picture. Recently cardi was seen in the Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Constance Wu and Lizzo
starrer, critically acclaimed stripper heist film, Hustlers.

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