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Hailey Bieber opens up about getting trolled online and seeking help for mental health

Hailey Bieber is opening up about how trolls have affected her mental health adversely.
The supermodel spoke to London’s Evening Standard newspaper about working with a therapist to
help with online trolling and harassment.

The 24-year-old said, I’ve had to work this through a lot with my therapist, because it reached a
point where they’d gotten too crazy for me, and I was dealing with anxiety all the time. The thing
that is most bothersome is that a lot of people online want me to be not be a nice person. They
expect me to be rude and mean, and call me a bitch. I mean these people have never met me in
person, they don’t even know me.

A huge chunk of this negative attention comes from her marriage with Justin Bieber. Hailey is
majorly targeted by her husband’s ex, Selena Gomez’s fans.
She further added that the best way to deal with these trolls is not give them the attention they seek
and that people are just projecting their own insecurities on you.

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