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Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson to soon take a step back from action movies

Liam Neeson has acted in dozens of action movies during his career, but the actor admitted it might
soon be time to retire from the genre.
The 68-year-old confirmed that his age is the deciding factor here.
Neeson told Entertainment Tonight he is turning 69 this year. He is planning to shoot a couple more
action movies this year, if COVID-19 allows to, and then it will probably be it.
Though he admitted that the one thing that keeps him going are the young actors he stars with.
“I love doing ‘em. I love beating up guys half my age,” he said.

The “Taken” star said, recently during filming a movie in Australia, his co-star was as young as his
son’s age.
Halfway through a fight scene he asked his co-actor, who was doing perfectly fine unlike Neeson
who was out of breath, what his age is? He said, 25. That’s the age of Neeson’s eldest son.

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