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Kate Winslet candidly opens up about her concern with her curvy figure

The gorgeous actress, 45, candidly spoke on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron on Thursday about
how she felt about her ‘curvy’ figure during her acting career as she talked about the unreasonable
expectations put on women in the industry.
Speaking about disaster movie, contagion, Winslet admitted, she was super conscious when filming
a scene where she has to be in a body bag.

Elaborating on how she perceived her weight in the past, she said people would talk to her
differently because she wasn’t as small as the average actress. She was a size six.
However, Kate did specify that she feels that the industry has evolved and she appreciates the fact
she can embrace her natural curves in Ammonite.
Kate said despite being overly conscious previously, she is now happy with how her body looks.
She added, I feel very proud of my 45-year-old self.

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