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Katie Price to put 18-year-old son Harvey full time in a care home

Katie Price says she has made the decision to put her 18-year-old son Harvey in full time care.
In an interview with The Sun, Katie, 42, said Harvey will live in a residential college, which will
hopefully teach him to lead a more independent life.
“It breaks my heart,” she told The Sun.

Price has majorly raised her son, who has autism as a single mother. Due to his condition, he can
sometimes unpredictably lash out, especially if there are loud noises, Price said.
She also said when you hear about people with autism getting arrested and when they’re restrained,
they get mad. This is the reason why I want to find the right college so in case of an episode, I am

In a recent Instagram post, Price boasted with pride for her son saying everyday he overcomes
hurdles and obstacles that other people take for granted.
For the past six months, the TV star has been searching for a residential college for children with
autism and learning disabilities.

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