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Saved By The Bell star Justin Diamond diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

Saved By The Bell star Justin Diamond best remembered for his character screech on the sitcom, is
battling stage 4 cancer.
Diamond was hospitalized this weekend in a Florida hospital after experiencing pain throughout his
body from shingles. He was also experiencing general uneasiness. The cancer was then diagnosed
and he has now started with the first round of chemotherapy to fight it back.

The actor had an on and off career after Saved By The Bell ended in 2000. He acted in several low-
budget movies, did TV cameos and participated in several reality TV shows. His one prominent
success was an appearance on the reality show Celebrity Boxing, where he won his match in an
impressive manner.
Diamond also wrote a book in 2009, Behind The Bell, in which he elaborated the behind the scenes
dirt from the show. This could be the reason why he was not a part of the Peacock TV reboot of the
show in November 2020.

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