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Wendy Williams makes shocking revelation about alleged sexual assault ahead of biopic

Wendy Williams: The Movie is going to take her fans through some of the life-changing milestones
throughout her career and personal life.
While promoting her upcoming biopic this week, Wendy Williams made an eye-opening admission
about an R&B singer who allegedly sexually assaulted her early on in her career.
In her biopic, which premieres on Jan. 30, the talk show host will revisit her life’s most
transformative milestones such as her substance abuse recovery, and divorce from longtime
husband, Kevin Hunter.

But of the most shocking revelations in Williams’ biopic is her never before talked about story of a
date-rape, which allegedly happened when she was spending time with R&B singer Sherrick.
Williams explained how she met this artist during an interview, and how he mesmerized her with his
flirty gimmicks. After that he invited Williams to an album release party that night, and date-raped
her before the party.
Williams further noted, these types of things happen to girls all the times and they have happened
to a lot of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers too.

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