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Armie Hammer drops out of upcoming film ‘Shotgun Wedding’ amid social media scandal

Armie Hammer has stepped down from his role in upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding, opposite
Jennifer Lopez, amid social media scandal.

Hammer was set to start shooting for the romantic adventure, but will now be recast. The news
came in after the “Call Me By Your Name” actor started trending on social media last weekend after
some DMs, supposedly written Hammer but are not verified, were leaked online.
Hammer released a statement saying, he is not going to respond to any useless claims, but looking at
the atrocious online attacks against me, I cannot peacefully leave my children for 4 months to shoot
a film at a foreign location. He added Lionsgate is supporting him in this decision and he is grateful
for that.

The messages released discussed sexual fantasies and even discussing cannibalism. The actor
appeared to be writing to a woman that he is 100% a cannibal and desires to drink her blood.

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