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Michael B Jordan to return as the antagonist in Black Panther 2?

As reported by FandomWire, Michael B Jordan is going to be part of the Black Panther 2. They stated
that the details about Jordan’s return and the length of his role are still not confirmed, but we can
confirm that he will return for the movie sequel.

For those who watched Black Panther are aware of the fact that Jordan’s character, Eric Killmonger
was killed by T’Challa, Chadwick Boseman’s character, at the end of the movie. So, it will be
interesting to see how they will bring back the character of the dead antagonist for the second
installment of the film.

FandomWire also threw in some possible ways Killmonger may return. Either it could be through
flashback, or revealing that he didn’t really die or they can also show him in a multiverse version.
They also added, Marvel has been betting high time on multiverse characters and perhaps Jordan
will also return as an another-world version, from a different timeline.

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