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Riz Ahmed revealed that he got married secretly

While chatting with Louis Theroux, in Monday’s episode of the “Grounded with Louis Theroux”
podcast, Ahmed revealed he recently tied the knot. Riz, who is originally from England, said he is
currently staying in California, because his wife’s family is nearby.

And like everyone else, Theroux said he had no idea Ahmed was married and asked how long has it
been? To which Ahmed replied, not very long.
Ahmed said according to him it’s not that relevant, so he doesn’t delve much into his personal life,
dating history or even family. He also took a little dig and congratulated Theroux for getting an
incredibly exciting scoop.

Ahmed has died the knot with novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza.
He also talked about his wedding ceremony which obviously happened amid pandemic. The wedding
was an intimate one with proper social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols in place. The
wedding took place in a backyard with very few people present.

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