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Connie Britton candidly opens up about her decision to adopt son Yoby

Connie Britton, 53, virtually appeared on Watch What Happens Live, Thursday evening, where got
candid with host Andy Cohen talking about the adoption process she went through in 2011, before
adopting her son Yoby.

While reading a fan’s question, Cohen asked if there was a certain moment where she realized she
was ready.
Britton began by saying she had no idea what she was getting into.

The actress continued saying, it wasn’t like, yes, I can do this, as much as, yes, I want to be mom.
And, to be honest, within three years both my parents had passed away and suddenly I realized that
I have no family. I mean I still have my twin sister, but losing my parents was a big one. And, at that
time I wasn’t seeing anyone, so marriage was not the option, and I thought to myself, what am I
waiting for? I know I want to adopt, let’s do this.
In November 2011, the Emmy nominated actress adopted her son from Ethiopia following a three-
year long process. He was only 9 months old back then.

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